Scary thought!!

So down at the Dr surgery expatdaddy and I had an extremely brief conversation about schools and planning our future. We always said the school we would like our children to go to if we were to stay here in Dubai long-term!!  I come well recommended & the students that I know who go there absolutely love it! Expatdaddy said would we really need to register him for 2014? I made some enquiries and yes they are taking registration for 2014!! I can’t believe it, I can not believe it  but I have just downloaded a prospectus for are chosen school for LPV!!

We have know idea if we are even going to be here but needs must I guess. I have heard that school registration here is quite competitive and it’s kill or be killed here, so there’s nothing like planning ahead!! except I’m not even sure what I am giving him for tea tonight!! let alone his school for 3 years time!! If we were at home I’m sure it would be the same story, when you move house you have to take into consideration the school not just if it’s a nice area to live and then I think there is no guarantee. Now reading it through the prospectus it asks for previous school reports raising a whole lot of other issues and worries, should we send him to nursery? will that help his application?? WOW before he turned one on friday my only worry was putting him on cow’s milk and when to take away the dummy!! Wish I never made that phone call now!!Lol


3 thoughts on “Scary thought!!

  1. Kirstie says:

    Its the same in Australia, we have had to register KJ for Kindy, Pre-school, Primary School and High School and he just turned one! Its bloody ridiculous!

  2. Sarah Clemence says:

    What school are you looking at? I tried Jess last year they were full for 2013!!! Today I have been looking into Dess, Horizon and JPS. Let me know if you going to look around a school, I’ll join you as Jack still isn’t registered anywhere!

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