It’s just a slow slide into terrible two’s!!

Morning all, sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days, we’ve been experiencing a birthday ya know!! LPV’s birthday celebrations went extremely well. Major prep day was thursday, this particular day I spent mostly covered from head to toe in chocolate and red coloured frosting, how do it know this cos I even found it in my Bra!!! Operation Elmo cake went very well although it started to slant whilst I was frosting it, no one at the party could tell, or of they did they were polite (sensible as they clearly valued their life) not to say anything to my face!!  Everything was Elmo & number one, we had Emlo & cookie monster cupcakes made by aunty Monica, Elmo jelly/jello, Elmo party hats etc. I think everyone had a lovely time, most importantly LPV had a lovely time, although he was a little traumatized about others playing with his V tech walker and kept a close eye on it throughout the party!! He was absolutely spoilt rotten by his friends and family back home, he has a NUMBER of very loud electronic speaking, singing, beeping FANTASTIC (she says with the tone of an exhausted, half death Mammy of  a yr old) toys and he loves repeatedly pressing the same buttons!! His favourite toys at the end of the evening?? A PAPER ELMO CUP!! LPV and Sophie munchkin happily chased this cup around the room for quite some time!!

Eventually LPV went to bed at 9pm, not long after an exhausted Mammy & daddy went to bed also. Yesterday LPV and Daddy went to spinney’s on the new trike and came back with some beautiful flowers from my wee man to say thank you for his party!! The good times carried on when we went to meet newlyweds Rachel & James and baby bump and had a lovely lunch at Jamie’s Italian, Jamie LPV loves your bread sticks!!

Today it’s back down to earth with a very hard bang as it’s MMR time, he is sleeping at the moment completely oblivious as too whats coming his way!! To top it off I have to drag him to the supermarket!! Oh well, the lessons in real life must start now your one yr!! Things have changed already, the steriliser has been put away ( what’s the point in sterilizing when your eating party food from the floor!!) I have to say the steriliser going away has effected us more, the realisation that our wee baby has gone and is turned in to a proper little boy, that shouts dadadada when you tell him No!! Bring on the terrible two’s!!

I’m going to go before I cry!!


Elmo with a rather large nose!!


Get on yer bikes and ride!!


Oooohh buttons!!!


3 thoughts on “It’s just a slow slide into terrible two’s!!

  1. granma ray says:

    Well trace looking at the pictures it seems everyone had a good time were are you going to put all those toys (you seem to have more than T.R.US .) the cake turned out really well and i think the nose looked really good .plenty of food colouring i see . you done a very good job and you must be very proud of your self . just wish we could of been there to celebrate it with you .still never mind theres always next year . Hope all goes well with liam today when he has his injections poor little man . hope to speak to you soon as i went out and bought a new laptop yesturday could not stand ot no longer not being able to see you and liam .Well better go now as its a beautiful day here for a change.lisa jase and the kids are going out for a bike ride and picnic so me and your dad are having a peaceful day . Speak to you soon love you all mum xxxxxx

  2. Katherine says:

    I ADORE the Elmo Cake. My daughter would just DIE if she got to see that, I’m not sure she’d have the courage to eat it though, her love for elmo is too strong 🙂

    • Expat Mammy says:

      thank you Kathrine, it took a few practice runs but he came out well in the end, thanks for stopping by hope to see you soon.x

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