Only in my dreams

I had the strangest dreams last night, one involved me and my Mammy friends having to make an emergency exit out of Dubai, however they were not any planes available so the Manager of………West Ham football club lent us his plane!! Really please don’t ask why West Ham…. I really don’t like football…. and I actually thought Robbie Keane was Roy Keanes cousin!!!! Anyhoo we flew into to london I got a taxi to bristol via bath where I stopped off and had a few glasses of wine with my Bristol gals, my friend Nikki turned up late (she probably had to brush her teeth and put her lipstick on…..hehehehe) wearing her gym clothes with her underwear on the outside…. I then got to Bristol and realised that LPV was not with me………..not funny I know that I took so long for me to realise he wasn’t there (it is a dream in my defence)..However it was the searching for  him that actually woke me… the anxiety what I was feeling in my sleep was so intense I had to get and go and watch him sleep for a bit!!

It think it has something to do with this book I am reading……. Well I actually have to keep starting it over again as I leave it so long in between. It’s called ‘5 people met in heaven’ or something like that, it freaks me out but you have to keep reading.

Anyhoo back in the land of the living today, I asked LPV what he wanted to do today while he was eating his spaghetti hoops on toast for breakie, he said Daa, I had a face full of spaghetti hoops. I told we were fresh out of daa’s but we could aquadoodle, paint or swim…….. Daa it is then!!

I’m off to wash my face!!



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