Lazy town Pah!!!

We are having a lazy day today, just me and the boy!! Poor wee man is struggling with teeth.

I have decided to do a review of stupid children’s programmes as most of them bug the life out of me, today is ‘LAZY TOWN’ who ever came up with this has to be getting medical help!!!

OK,  Stephanie who looks & moves like a bottle of gaviscon that’s had too many blue smarties!!  Is apparently new in town, I have to say wouldn’t you be a little bit dubious or scared of the place you moved into if everyone around was made of  rubber or plastic!!

Robbie Rotten, Dude give up you’re the worse villain ever, oh and plus look like you’ve had way too many bodge job botox injections

Sporticus, all I will say here is Orbit chewing gum on some serious narcotics!!!!!



3 thoughts on “Lazy town Pah!!!

  1. Kirstie says:

    OMG! This show is totally weird! I found a really rude parody pic on the internet the other day about this show, will have to email it to you! LMAO! If you look up the show on wikipedia you will roll on the floor laughing!!! xx

  2. Lisa says:

    I know this as old post but it had me thinking of something I came across yesterday and wondered what your thoughts were. What about this Rastamouse business? What’s with that!!!

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