birthday panic!!

LPV get's in the party mood at Mr M's bday!!

It’s been a strange old day in expat world, we said a see you soon (not good-bye) to Aunty Jo and Miss S, I had my first ever visit to Geant supermarket (not huge but I’ve lived here for 3 yrs and never been), LPV has discovered that there are holes in his nose and that his finger fits right up there!! He did shove it up his nose too much and hurt himself!! I now dread finding wee bogies everywhere!! I don’t do snot!!

Also I’m getting myself in a right tizzy over LPV’s impending birthday celebrations. All the parties we’ve been too have been awesome and the goody bags just keep scaring the pants off me. Personalised gifts, fantastic home-baked goods, flipping Eck!! They were fantastic and I know how hard Mammies have worked to do them and I really don’t want to be a smug * ‘oh I just don’t have time’* mammy I really don’t, but I don’t have time,  I’m running out of time, the party is in 4 days. I’m already having sleepless night over flipping Elmo, I’m not creative by any means and I really can not bake (Elmo cake will be cleverly disguised as a lasgane, with a candle in it!! (I’m better with savoury) Even if I did find something to make or cook It would cost me a fortune in failed attempts just to perfect it!!

The trouble with me is that I lose sight of what is actually important and care way too much about what others think, I want to look back in years to come and say LPV had a great time at his first birthday and I want to remember every moment too, I just need to give myself a good kick up the arse to calm down and enjoy my very first time of planning a  first birthday party!!

Anyhoo chaps I’m off to stuff goody bags, make lists about making lists and to get expatdaddy to make lists of my lists!! (Oh my I think I need to up my dosage of crazy pills)

Nighty night

LPV gets a treat of a normal sized ball pit !!

Expat Mammy



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