Carrying on Traditions

After all that’s why we have our own families to make and carry on traditions that were passed to us from our families. The Christmas of 2010 expatfamily started some of their own and they will be carried on when we spend our first christmas as a new family this year in Dubai. Last night LPV had a very light dinner of a sandwich, fruit and ‘Angel Delight’ strawberry flavour. Please before anyone judges the had a ginormous lunch with every vegetable known to man. LPV’s supper triggered off a very happy memory for me. When my sister and I were kiddywinks, if we were good, on a saturday evening we would have a special treat of a ‘make up do tea!!!’ please do not ask me how it got its name, it made perfect sense when I was a kid. The ‘tea’ consisted of meat paste sandwiches, ‘UNITED’ chocolate biscuits and strawberry angel delight. MMMmmmmmmm Yum I hear you say (she says in a sarcastic tone) but to me when I was kid I was flipping ecstatic!! It’s funny what you remember, I hope to carry this on with LPV but incorporate it as our own again.

This leads me on to what my next post would be but I may as well blab on this one. As tomorrow is Father day, I just wanted to pay tribute to LPV’s daddy, who is a fantastic daddy, we hope you enjoyed your pressies? Secondly I wanted to pay tribute to my own father. Pops I love more than words can say, you have always been there for Lisa and me, even when I didn’t want you too!! remember the night you found me and Gilda parade (this is where all the ‘Cool’ kids used to hang out, now  for SOME of them ‘Cool’ could be code word for amounted to nothing!!) My Dad spotted me, as I told a wee white lie as to where Iwas going to be that night, he didn’t shout or make a scene, he just opened the car door and looked at me in only a way my Dad could, with my head held down I reluctantly got in the car. Dad for this I thank you!!! As look what I have now!! Not only are you and awesome dad but your fantastic granddad too! Sorry we wont be with you, have an awesome day. Mwah!!

Getting back to the traditions story LPV has started to carry on a tradition/habit of mine, now before I go into the this story I want you to know I have manners, I was brought up with manners as will LPV but I find Farts & burps hilarious!!! Gross I know and I know I’m supposed to be a lady but they are funny, bottom line!!! Yesterday my gorgeous wee man was finishing his dinner and let up a rather large burp, we congratulated him when was younger, so why should we do it now??? unfortunately cos we laughed he started to do it even more. whoops!! Unfortunately this is one tradition I probably can’t encourage!!

Happy fathers day to all the fantastic fathers out there

Expat Mammy.xx

2 thoughts on “Carrying on Traditions

  1. john obeien says:

    Tracy it is a great honor to be yours and lisas dad me and tour mum are very very proud of both of you and what you have achived . and blessihg us with are beautiful granchildren. and i know liam will give you as much happiness as you and given me and your mam (AND THE GRIEF AND WORRY ).oh and by the way there is nothing wrong with windypops love you all xxxxxdad

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