TGI thursday tomorrow!!

The weekend can not come quick enough for me this week. Every weekend my hubby tell me to take a couple of hours for myself and I never do but by god I will this friday!! My poor wee man is struggling with his teeth but this has turned him into ‘Cranky baby’ powers include surviving on No sleep, the ability to cling, to make mammy feel crap with one death stare frown!! Bless him, I do feel terrible that I moan about it but today he reduced me to tears (not the first time, won’t be the last). The minute I got out of bed said good morning to him he started whingeing at me, expatdaddy (who is worshiped) left for work and this made LPV crank it up a notch!! It was at this point that I decided I was calling the shots today!! I was going to be dressed first.  I spread some toys out over the bathroom floor and Mamma had her self a nice long shower (with a few tears thrown in for good measure).

We proceeded to have breakfast where we laid down the ground rules for today, today it was life skills day. Today LPV learnt the invaluable lessons of how to clean and organise the food press, how to put on several loads of laundry and fold it and how to be brutal and throw away c**p you don’t need. LPV enjoyed his breakfast and we made a deal to start our day over being happy with each other, it was good as he also ate his toast of a plate for the first time and ate 4 toast soldiers before rocket launching the plate across the dinning room (a good result I think). We had a really good day and read our new story book, he loved it and was showering me with kisses (or bite attempts??? Lets call them kisses) Daddy came home early, we had a family swim, had dinner ALL together, then after bathtime, it was time for the ‘Mammy I don’t like you’ part of the evening!!

Now I know that LPV worships both of us, however I can’t help but feel completely deflated when this happens (although I think it may be cos daddy lets him play with the blinds and I don’t). I know I am being over sensitive but that’s me I’m afraid

Any hoo, I’m attaching the trial run cake photo’s, going party food shopping tomorrow, very exciting!!

mmmmmmm Cooookie!!



2 thoughts on “TGI thursday tomorrow!!

  1. Rosann says:

    Love the cake! I know it’s sometimes so overwhelming to be a mommy, isn’t it? You aren’t alone in the tears department. My girls are both the most amazing blessings in my life, but both of them have had me so exasperated at times that I’ve just dropped into a corner in a flood of tears. It happens. For me, that’s usually when daddy swoops in with all his patience and daddy super hero status to calm everyone down.

    Hope you enjoy your weekend!

    Many blessings,

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