That beats a chocolate bunny

I’ve never been the luckiest person in the world, when I say lucky I mean competitions, raffles, lottery!! I am extremely lucky with my amazing family and the life I have. However winning things was never my strong point! Unlike my sister-in-law who wins EVERYTHING my in laws have now taken to using fake names when calling in the radio stations as they always win stuff, she also won a trip to travel round the states for a music tour thingy, soooo Jammie!! (This means lucky in Bristolian)

Everythime we go home back to the UK /Ireland my mam tells me she going to win the lotto, I still waiting Mam!!

Before I moved too Dubai the most I had ever won was a chocolate bunny at past the parcel, I remember it vividly, it was such a proud moment in my young life!! When we moved here we listened to Dubai 92 alot and entered quite a few competitions, so far we have won a U2 CD and Iftar buffet, christmas party,500dhs at Left bank (which we never got to use cos a certain wee man appeared unannounced) and if i am honest my husband has probably won most if not all of these things……………. until now. Right now I am proud to announce that I have finally won something!! A photo shoot with Ania james photography (Sarah C It won’t mean anything and I’ll be thinking about you the whole time 😉

I even get a mention on the blog, wooo hooo  I can’t wait i love having photo’s of my wee man, he’s so photogenic with his beautiful eyes!!

Have a great day



4 thoughts on “That beats a chocolate bunny

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Hi melanie have been checking out your blog, great stuff, thanks for stopping by hope to see you again soon.x

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