Games we play

The older LPV gets the more character he has and the more Bold he gets!!! I thought I’d share a list of games that LPV loves to play, Mammy could live without them!!

  1. Drop on the floor, I’m talking toast, Cheerios, pancakes, fruit. Oh and you also get extra points if your throw the breakfast bowl and it makes a splat over the floor!!
  2. Lets pretend, This is when your going to sleep, pretend to shut your eyes, let Mammy creep (or crawl) out them scream bloody murder
  3. Roly poly, this where you try to roll over on the changing mat whilst having your nappy changed, extra points if you pee everywhere!!
  4. Selective!! This is a game of strategy, pretend you can’t hear mammy when she’s telling you not to touch the TV or DVD player, extra points for managing to switch something off or on before she moves you
  5. Supermarket sweep! Pretend you are happy to be sat in the trolley until about half way round carrefour, then start crying, take the rice cake mammy offers lick it then throw on the floor and start whingeing again!! Extra points if she buys a toy or a new snack you really don’t want to try to keep you quiet!!

So there is just a few games I’m sure there are more to come, I’ll let you into a little secret tho, this games maybe a pain in my arse but I wouldn’t have it any other way (unless alcohol was involved that would make them WAY more funny to mammy, serious note do not consume alcohol when in charge of your baby!!!!!!!!!!!! wait til there asleep)




2 thoughts on “Games we play

  1. Lisa Hunt says:

    Ah what fun!! Is the selective game the start of him showing he is a wee man? Do little girls play the same selective game? Perhaps this is when it all starts!?

    • Expat Mammy says:

      I think the wee girlies play it too, I don’t think it goes away until their in their thirties!! Crikey!!

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