Cake update #2

Another dummy cake run was carried out @ Chez Wanjigi today!! So’s not to spoil the Illusion of Elmo we decided to do cookie monster. The cake came out very well and the weeshy bit I tasted was lovely, I left in a hurry and left poor Monica with the hard part, of cookie monsters face (she loved really. as she got to use her cake toys!!!!)

Looking forward to seeing how it came out, watch this space for photo’s!!  Bday is getting closer and the decorations are here from the UK, item’s for goody bags bought, balloons ordered and stress levels rising nicely!! Still need to find, party food, a little tikes trike!! and my sanity/marbles!!

Night all



One thought on “Cake update #2

  1. lynn says:

    Oh really looking forward to seeing this b/cake plenty of pics mind . dont envy you with the party though you will need a long strong drink at the end of it . really enjoyed doing yours and lisas parties at least we had most of them in the garden so was not to bad . enjoy it while you can they grow so fast wont be long befor hes having his 18th lol wish we could be there xxxxxxx

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