What a day I’ve had, it certainly wasn’t the day I had planned that’s for sure. My plan was to attend a fabulous brunch with fellow Mammies to commiserate our dear friend Jo leaving Dubai. Yesterday I was über organised I packed LPV’s bag to take to Aunty Ola’s, picked out my most fabulous dress I was good to go.

Yesterday (thursday) LPV was a little out of sorts slight fever but I had seen a wee bit of a split gum so I put it down to teething. Oh boy what a night we had followed by the day from hell. Poor wee lamb, with temps hitting 39’c I been having to practically pin him down to get calpol and brufen down his neck. After all this he still wants to cuddle into to me, bless his little heart. I hate it when he’s ill all my logical thinking all my training goes out the window and all I can do is worry. I knew when I became a parent that I would take my nurse training either one of two ways, I would be ‘ too relaxed Mammy’  you know the type of mammy who would say ‘oh your alright, go and play’ even if the poor child had an open fracture and their was blood everywhere. Or I would be ‘fall to pieces mammy’ (a little bit of knowledge can be a bad thing sometimes) and think the utter worse at slightest little symptom………….. I am the latter

I actually didn’t finish this post last night as I had a lovely surprise visit from 3 slightly tipsy Mammies. LPV thought It was great and was still awake when the left at 11pm and then was still awake at 2am when expatdaddy arrived home. There I was rocking him in the chair ‘would you like me to take him for a bit?’ Uh you don’t have to ask me twice. I think at 3am even expatdaddy gave up brought him in with us and that was where he slept horizontally across the bed until 8am. LPV has serious bags under his eyes, and still refuses to sleep. Oh the joys!



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