Things that go Baa in the night

As I previously mentioned in a earlier post expatdaddy is away working, I don’t mind this as I feel quite safe here in our apartment. The thing I hate the most is switching off the lights before I go to bed of an evening and after last night my hatred for this job has intensified somewhat!!

So I turn off the kitchen lights, walk over to the lamp and switch it off, the minute I do this, I get one almighty fright when all I can hear is Baaa Baaa Baaaa!!! I would be fair to say at this point I was pooping myself, what in the hell was it? Had Timmy come to kill me?? I switched the lamp back on and the Baaaaaaaaaaa-ing stopped. I go to the toy box everything is in there tidy (ish) and nothing was switched on, I move a few things around but can see nothing. I go back to the lamp, switch it off, Mooooooooo, Moo, Moo. Really scared now, was waiting for the short man on bike with a clown face to pedal his way round the corner. I lift up the toy box lid again fiddle around in there and the next thing fricking Scout starts singing at me, at this point Scout is rocket launched across the room. It’s a good job I did this as I found the Baaa- ing Moooo- ing culprit. LPV has a blossom farm puzzle that when you put the pieces back in the animals make their noises. I actually thought it worked with a weight sensor but it would appear it’s triggered but light (or lack of it).

Toys can be scarey!!

After checking, then re-checking the front door was locked (about 20 times may I add) I checked on LPV, I actually did consider waking him to tell him I was scared and put him in the bed with me. I didn’t I maned up and took one for the team. Brushed teeth and I think I actually managed to dive from the bathroom to the bed (just incase Freddie Kruger was under there)

Expat Mammy.xx

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2 thoughts on “Things that go Baa in the night

  1. Kirstie says:

    LOL! I know how you feel hun, my DH is away for 10 days at a time, home for 4 days, so we are on our own quite a bit! I leave the kitchen light on all night, because whenever I am on my own I develop a debilitating fear of the dark! You should have seen me when we had a storm and the power went out, I hopped straight over to my neighbours house when I only met them the day before! I have candles and torches EVERYWHERE, because QLD is known for its summer storms and blackouts. But I feel quite safe here, I live in a great and safe neighbourhood and have a vicious guard dog too, however you never feel 100% safe on your own. But when toys start going off on their own, thats another story! We had a few that used to do that, hence they all went headfirst into the bin outside! We now live in a free zone where no toys go off on their own! And I bought a bed thats frame sits right on the floor, so I have no under the bed anymore!! ;o)

  2. lynn obrien says:

    love to have been there to see that . just make sure that you check all the toy befor you go to bed or they will all start talking to you . sweet dreams hehe

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