Bring back the Wombles!!

Exaptdaddy left for a week in the UK today, so whilst I was running LPV’s bath I had to leave him in front of the flat screen babysitter. He seems to have taken an instant dislike to Little Einsteins and to be honest I really don’t blame him. I find the children on there irritating beyond belief, The one with the glasses is a smug little know it all!! We all went to school with someone like that and didn’t they annoy the s**t out of you?? Yes before anyone says it I know it’s meant for children but come on, I don’t mind the Blondie as she make up stupid songs like me!! The concept of the programme is very good but it’s making me cringe think about it now! While I’m on the subject what’s with the floating head that can’t sing on OSO, she’s enough to give anyone nightmares!!

LPV likes Mickey Mouse club house, I do too to be honest, doing the hot dog dance is quite good for the old weight loss mission and I think I’ve perfected it now!!  Handy Manny is also a favourite but have you noticed he never pays for anything in that hardware shop, and Kelly the woman who runs it ALWAYS seems to be where ever Manny is, me thinks this Kelly chick my have a wee crush or obsession (I can’t decide) If I was Manny I’d enquire about one of these restraining orders or super injunctions, she’s bound to want custody of the tools!!! You’d never buy a house in Sheetrock Hills, everything always needs repairing and the house would never pass the survey!!

Whatever happened to old school programmes, The Wombles were my favourite!! Wimbledon common, now there’s a place you would have wanted to live, it was nice and tidy and they were already environmentally friendly with their recycling!!

It was an early night for LPV tonight, he’s been commando-ing all over the place today (that’s moving around, not going out with no underwear!) inspired by Miss Margaret!! Early night for me too!!

Night night!!


Watch out Manny , she's got her eye on you!!



2 thoughts on “Bring back the Wombles!!

  1. Kirstie says:

    Bahahahah!! “Commandoing” You sure you aren’t letting him run around nappy free?? LOL! I agree, some kids programs today are utter rubbish! We have some stupid new age thing where the kids do yoga and the cartoon characters look like they have been smoking the old wakky baccy! I won’t let KJ watch it, it annoys the c*** out of me! What happened to Banana’s in Pyjamas and other aussie favs?? I also love the Wombles too! Bring them back!!

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