Lunch with Jamie

This weekend has been the laziest weekend in history LPV still has lured us into a false sense of security with his 9am sleep in’s  then he’s up for about an hour then back down for another 2 hour sleep, don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining in the slightest but past experience tells me that we’ll pay a price for this and it will probably be next week when Expatdaddy is away!!

I love Dubai but it can be the most frustrating place ever when you want something specific, LPV was given cash from family and friend while we were home so we thought we would bite the bullet and buy him a trike with it (Shhh don’t tell him). When we had decided NOT to buy it from ourselves (he won’t be able to go on it outside for at least another 4 months, not cos we’re mean) all I seen in the shops was this fudging trike, and now we want to buy one, lo and behold the whole of Dubai has decided they want one too!! I have a similar experience with the Jumperoo and I was like a woman possessed trying to get hold of one, so much so that when I found one I dragged it and the bub in the pram back to the apartment, WITHOUT the car!!

Anyhoo, we had a lazy morning, teaching LPV how to crawl or walk whichever he want to do first, then decided to go on our trike hunt, only to be led astray by lunch at Jamie’s Italian in festival centre. Everytime I’ve been home it’s been too busy or I’ve been too pregnant to stand in a que for it and I forgot that they had opened one here. My friend over at babylovestotravel had done a review on this particular place and I really wanted to go since. I could see the look of terror in expatdaddy’s face ( Oh s**t this is going to cost me) when we seen the sign for the restaurant. The power of wifely persuasion took over (whining til it get want I want) It was delicioso (ok I aware that’s spanish and not italian)   we enjoyed a fab lunch in fab, babyfriendly environment, LPV particularly liked Jamie’s bread sticks, however we had to spoil his fun as he kept gagging on  them and I think neither our or waitresses nerves could take anymore. I made sure we tipped them well  as I’m sure she’s a nervous wreck around babies now and we left a gigantic mess on the floor. Unfortunately Expatdaddy would not let me acquire a Jamie’s Italian napkin and I was ushered out to get on with the task in hand, trike shopping. Alas still no trike and now I have to do some serious exercise to work off my Tuscan chocolate cake!!

Have a great evening



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