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I’m very excited today, my blog has been featured on a website called pregnant in Dubai. When I started it I had no idea that this would happen, it may not be a big deal to some but for me it’s awesome! The blog is something that LPV can look back on and be proud of and hopefully be proud of me!

When I was at school my child development teacher told me I stupid and that I’d never amount to anything and that’s always stuck with me………….. Well I just want to say for someone who would never amount to anything

  • Happily married with a beautiful child
  • Qualifications in health & social care
  • Qualifications in childcare & education
  • RSCN (I’m qualified peadiatric nurse)
  • Successful blogger!!

Well stick that In yer pipe and smoke it Mrs!!! I have to say I’m not going to let my new-found fame go to head (she says as she sits there typing with oversized sunglasses on making her husband peel grapes, kidding) I’m sure the pile of Ironing and LPV pee-ing all over me has kept me firmly on the ground.

Hope you keep enjoying the blog

Expat Mammy


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