Just because

Today has been a weird old day, we all slept all night but were shattered today, LPV went through a bout 3 different outfits as he decided to pee all over each one. Nappy changes are a battle due to bad nappy rash (we better have a tooth soon, whoever said the first one is the worse is clearly living in cloud cuckoo land).

We had Mr Oliver’s party which was lovely, another fantastic cake, HOMEMADE Iggle Piggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My poor Elmo is going to have to join a peer pressure support group I think!! It’s funny how and what we find to put pressure on ourselves, the making first birthday cake subject seems to be the silent competition amongst mothers (first time mothers anyway). Do you ever have those days where nothings wrong but everythings wrong? That’s what today has been like and I been taking my crazy pills like clockwork so I can’t blame them. I think I’m having withdrawal symptoms from the bathroom scales, I was starting to get a bit of an unhealthy obsession with them, so expatdaddy has hidden them, good and proper this time, I can’t find them anywhere.

So in my wisdom today I booked a hair appointment and now I have short hair, very short hair. It looks good but is very drafty!!

Moral of the story, none really I was just sharing my ramblings

Night all

Expat mammy


2 thoughts on “Just because

  1. Kirstie says:

    Try putting tea tree oil on LPV’s rash hun, just dilute 10 drops in some water, get some cotton balls and dip them in the solution and then wipe at each nappy change. KJ’s horrid rash cleared up within a week after countless doctors visits, cortisone creams and anti fungal creams. A fortune later and I found tea tree oil the best solution!! Grrr!!

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