There are no words

I really can’t think of a name for this post this morning, a couple do spring to mind but neither are suitable for your sensitive eyes.  LPV was an absolute angel on the flight home, he was fed on take off, put into his sleeping bag and he slept the whole way from UK to Dubai.

I am aware that it’s an up heave for little one to fly, it affects me for days too. However last night was nuts he woke screaming, I know he’s having trouble with teeth so I done the teething routine, Nada!!! I gave him a drink, Nine!!! Didn’t work, we sang and had stories, zilch, worked for a bit but it was like he hated his cot. We were at the end of our tethers, was he having nightmares?? Was he missing the bussel of home? Is he just being a little……..(fill in the blanks). In the end we gave up and he slept in with us, but he still didn’t settle at first, Shhhhhhhhh,Shhhhhhhhhhh,Shhhhhhhhhhh………….silence………….LPV breaks the silence by clapping handies!!!! Shhhhhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhhh, Shhhhhhhhhh…………….Silence……………….LPV breaks the silence by Baa baaa baaaaaa and so on and so forth I think the only thing he didn’t do to break the silence was fart!! which was speciality of his when he was younger!! He then takes a shine to my T-shirt!! (he has again this morning so I am currently sat here in my PJ bottoms and a nursing bra, I love them and refuse to pack them away, post baby it’s quite dangerous to let the bangers flop free in bed, so if they’re contained everyone is safe). However if it helps him sleep he can have it!!

Finally sleeps around 1ish thankfully is still asleep at 9am this morning, me on the other hand I look like death on a stick, gone are the days where you feel refreshed after a holiday!! Oh and to top it off I found a grey hair!!

Have a great day

Expat mammy


One thought on “There are no words

  1. lynn obrien says:

    love the blog trace liam is still most likely on uk time it will take a few days i expect for him to settle.And of course hes missing his grandad and granma and just letting you know it .

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