Practice party

Today was LPV’s practice party for his 365 days on this earth. What a great day firstly I want to thank everyone who came from far and wide to help us celebrate.

However I feel there is now immense pressure on poor Elmo cake after the cake that my mother organised blew everyone away. You will see for yourself at the end of this post. LPV the almost birthday boy who was having a snooze, while his guests waited patiently downstairs for the slightest noise on the monitor. The best part was he got to meet his buddy Oisin and his Aunty Rezzer & Aunty Darling who have practically waited a whole year to meet him.

He had some awesome gifts and expatdaddy will especially enjoy the wooden car transporter. The challenge now is to get it all back to Dubai, challenge excepted!!! I can live without clothes, there highly over rated!!!

I am now an exhausted expatmammy and it’s a long day ahead as we head back to sandpit. Stick the kettle on mafia!!!

Happy almost birthday my beautiful blessing

Expat mammy.xx


One thought on “Practice party

  1. Emma Byrne says:

    Thanks Family Vaughan for a brilliant Bristol birthday party!! Was sooooooo good to see you and to meet the birthday star. Love him, love you (loved the cake!!).

    Aunty Darling
    p.s A mention in the blog, now that’s worth a vote!! I’m on it. x
    pps Safe home. x

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