Packing sucks

Before my trip home I managed to crawl out from underneath the packing to  change my FB status, I wanted something to be invented to transport your clothes to where ever you were going, well a week has passed and still nothing of the sort has been invented. So again I find myself knee-deep in clothes/ presents/ food pouches.

Here are my 5 hates of packing!

  1. Your suitcase seems to shrink dramatically when packing for the trip home
  2. Clothes are dirty and not nice and flat and easy to pack like packing before
  3. I always, always bring too many useless clothes!!! Prime example of this trip was shorts!!! why I the hell would I possibly need them, a maxi dress given the fact I’ve drunk my body weight and then some in wine it probably doesn’t even fit
  4. When out shopping I think my suitcase is a Mary Poppins suitcase and funnily enough it’s not!!
  5. Expatdaddy always thinks he’s better at packing than me (sadly mistaken) and offers helpful…. ahem…. advice

Expat Mammy.xx


One thought on “Packing sucks

  1. Kirstie says:

    LMAO! You never cease to amaze me with these blogs, its like you can READ MINDS!! LOL! This is EXACTLY the same dilemma I face everytime I go away! And husband is always full of “helpful” advice, even when his suitcase is packed with useless crap he never should have bought either!! Hoping those scientists start doing some real work and invent bloody teleporting ASAP!

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