Home sweet home pt 3!!

As the rain has spoilt my fun today I’ve decided to moan about on here instead (lucky you).

Since returning from Center Parcs we’ve had an action packed week. LPV has been playing with his buddies Maddison and Noah, Mammy has been drinking wine, catching up with the Hicks’, Mammy has been drinking wine, catching up with my uni friends, Mammy has been drinking wine and had a fabby night out last night with my gals, where I (wait for it) drank wine!!!!

I suppose the biggest thing that has happened this week (so far) is that I left my wee boy all night for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have a babysitter in Dubai and she is amazing  but we never go far or go out for long. However LPV this time had THE best babysitter a bub could have, his grandparents!! This still didn’t stop me from blubbing like a baby and doing my little going out ritual!! Ritual consists of:

  • leaving a thermometer, calpol, teething powder
  • leaving a detailed note on how to, how much calpol to administer (bare in mind my Dubai babysitter is a nurse and grandma has raised two children and has two other grandchildren who are now 13 & 10)
  • I then repeat verbal instructions SEVERAL times

Obviously there was no need for the tears, LPV was fine had great fun with Gma & Gdad and slept the whole night!!  Me and daddy slept very well too (which I then felt guilty about) we had fun with our buds. Again with the guilt, oh the guilt!! Why is it when you do something for yourself you feel guilty, parenthood is strange!!

 Anyhoo I’m signing off nowas Jeremy Kyle show is on, it’s seriously superb Tv, these people are seriously stupid uneducated eejits  which makes excellent viewing. If you don’t know what I’m talking about get on YOUTUBE now (after you’ve voted for us of course). We were supposed to going to Bristol Zoo with Family Cooper and Aunty La bouve but who knows now what this raining day will bring.

Expat Mammy


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