Bags of room in here!

There is no such thing as the perfect diaper bag, they all have their good points and bad points. I found it a struggle to find one big enough for everything I need when I travel with LPV.

This time I travelled with a great Gaia & Ko diaper bag courtesy of the lovely Emma & Franziska over at I could not believe what I had fitted into this bag. It comes with a changing mat and wipes box, inside it has two thermal pockets, separate sections for dirty items and huge amounts of space for whatever you need to bring with you. (Let me tell you, I had four bottles, formula container, change of clothes and Pj’s, 10 nappies, my travel first aid kit, toys and snacks, some might say I pack too much, I would say I’m prepared!!). There are also 5 additional pockets/sections on the outside varying in size if you need them. This bag I feel was a godsend to me even with everything in it wasn’t too heavy. It has two large straps so you can wear over your shoulder or a one long strap that can be used to put it on the stroller.

For me the downside to this bag is the colours that it’s available in, Silver or Gold, we had the gold and although I was expecting this garish bag it was actually wasn’t that bad in the fact it didn’t make me look like dorean from birds of a feather!! The impracticalities of the colour is that it will show the dirt and with it being satin too it maybe hard to clean. However it is perfect size bag if you have multiple bubba’s or you need a slightly bigger bag for weekend away or a long journey. I was very happy with it and would highly recommend it.

It’s on the babysouk website check it out for yourself

Expat Mammy.xx

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