Home sweet home part 2: Center Parcs

For our first weekend back in the UK we went to Center  My sis and her wee family had booked for my nieces thirteenth birthday and as it was expatdaddy’s birthday too we decided to crash their weekend.

This place is awesome, we have been cycling everywhere, pulling LPV along in a little trailer, he’s been breathing in so much fresh country air and sleeping like a log bless him. In all the places to eat there is a baby station to heat bottles or food so we don’t have to carry kilo’s and kilo’s of LPV paraphernalia. There’s also complementary baby food at some if you time it right. We been swimming everyday in the heated outdoor pool in the middle of the forest, heavenly!! It’s completely family friendly, our villa has a cot and highchair provided too.

We have been so lucky with the british weather too, although we’ve had some wee showers today, yesterday was beautiful (still a bit parky for me) and we even managed to BBQ last night. The pimms was following, a little too well at times when expatdaddy, my sister and Dan a family friend took it upon themselves to chalk their faces blue, make themselves leaf headdresses and attempt to scare/hijack the landtrain (every 20 minutes!!) I do have video evidence of this but I value my life so I won’t be sharing unless one of them really offends me!!

Later me and my sis are off to the spa with shortcake to relax completely, some of our morning visitors to our villa have been ducks, squirrels (cyril), bunnies, and a deer!!!

It’s been a weekend of first for LPV: first sighting of real ducks, bunnies and other animals we tell him about!! First Quavers (courtesy of Maddison), first trip to the forest to see proper trees, first time in a bike trailer! the list goes on.

All in all it’s been such a fantastic weekend and I will be booking another weekend away here the next time we come home to the UK

Expat mammy

One thought on “Home sweet home part 2: Center Parcs

  1. lynn obrien says:

    just love reading these blogs cant help wondering whats comeing next keep it going trace really enjoying them

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