Home sweet home Part 1

So we arrived home safely, LPV was great on the flight home, he took to business class very well!! Good lad.

My day started well with a trip to ASDA, awesome place. Dubai does change you somewhat thou, I was quite shocked that I had to pack my own shopping!! Oh I’m sooooo Dubai!!

Was highly disappoinedt thou that there were no people shopping in their pyjama’s. Pyjama’s fake ugg boots and earrings so big that they could house racing pigeons is usually normal dress for some shoppers, it’s what I love about my home town people just don’t care, that and the fact that I love my pajama’s too!!! It’s Jerseylicious minus the animal print!! I was like a child in a Candy store in the baby section, 4 fruit pouches for next to nothing, funnily enough the shelf stacker did not share my excitement. I will be buying another suitcase just to buy baby products!!

Well tomorrow is a busy day with cycling, swimming and badminton ( if I don’t look like Jessica Simpson when I leave Center Parc’s then I’m giving up and starting an eating group as opposed to slimming group)

I taking my tired backside to bed

Expat Mammy

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