We want to live in Fun City!!!

Yesterday was Master William’s 1st birthday party (LPV has more social dates than I’ve ever had!!)

What a fantastic place to play, excellent room for what I can assume is 0-3 yrs, where there is climbing equipment, soft play, home corner and more toys than Lapland!! All the wee Dubai bubs had a fantastic time and after some hard-core playing, a few fights over the cars we left the play room to wish the birthday boy a happy birthday and watch him blow out his candles (well 1 candle obviously). The room was superbly decorated with bunting, sparkly things and balloons everywhere!! Master Matthew got stuck right in with all the balloons led on his tummy with hand and legs flapping with excitement!! LPV who was a little off colour yesterday took a more subdued approach to the balloons had a rather confused look upon his face especially during Happy birthday (oh No she’s singing again, does this woman ever shut up).

Mammy Wendy had made a superb spread (love the Quiche) and there was also  nuggets and fries if you wanted them. We painted our feet and wrote the birthday boy a message and fell asleep before had even left the car park (that the baby not me!!)

 What a lovely afternoon thank you to Mammy Wendy, playing with our friends was great fun as usual, we’ll miss you while we are away but we’ll see you soon.

If only the rest of the day was as fun but that’s another post all together!!

Expat Mammy.xx



2 thoughts on “We want to live in Fun City!!!

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Thaks for the comments Dubaihouse! We went to Oasis centre, it was great. We have a first birthday bash to plan for in June. It’s such a great venue!

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