Bon Voyage

So here we are in Yas Island Abu Dhabi after an extremely long day of packing re packing my husbands packing, entertaining bubba, 2 loads of laundry and the list goes on.

Tomorrow we are off to the UK for 10 days and I can not wait to take LPV back to his grandparents. LPV who is supposed to be asleep right now but instead is bouncing up and down and flapping his arms with excitement cos the room service has arrived. I feel that this child will not sleep at all tonight, nor on the plane. It could be a very long journey home, lets eat………………………………….

Ok we’ve finished a very rushed dinner, with a wee monster crawling over the bed. Now I’m gradually being pushed out of the bed, while LPV gets comfy and watches PS I love you (crap film, I’m surprised he’s not asleep!!)

Think I’ll knock back the vino and surrender to an early night

Wish us luck!!!!

Expat Mammy


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