Best bath toys

What toys does your wee bub like to play with in the bath???

The favourite in our house are Boon bath shapes!! They are awesome they come in nice bright colours and really funky shapes (Daddy and LPV have a game where they make up names for the shapes,  we have vertebrae, Burj khalifa, funny man and shoe). Also in the pack are two balls, which are good for practicing our basketball skills in the tub, and a scrubby (which I stole, it was too rough for LPV’s sensitive skin;-)

These foam shape are excellent quality and even though there are a few wee teeth marks in them now I don’t have to worry about LPV biting chunks off!! Fantastic for teething too!!

I bought them from Just kidding here in Dubai and thought they were very reasonably priced at 85dhs for large box, unfortunately now I think they only have a the smaller pack available at 65dhs,boon-bath-goods-mini.html

Happy shopping

Expat Mammy


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