5 things: What’s he thinking

I have friends both here and at home that love writing  lists for everything and I do have to say it’s addictive. I have written a list for everything for our impending trip to Blighty and I was actually thinking that If I wrote one for everyday life I might actually get things done and remember to pee once in while!! I’m somewhat in awe of my wee boo sometimes and often wonder whats going on in his little mind. So I’ve complied a list of thing that I think LPV is thinking during our day together.

  1. Does she know how ridiculous she looks doing that dancing!!
  2. Please stop singing and at worse stop making up songs about hydrocortisone cream
  3. If you think I’m eating that you are sorely mistaken, that’s it give up and bring on the petit filous!!
  4. How would you like it if I dunked you in the pool mammy??
  5. I do know how to crawl I just like you getting things for me!!

However I do sincerely hope there is a #6 and that would be “I love you Mammy, you rock” !!!!!

Expat Mammy.xx


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