10 reasons to like Dubai

So the temperature is on the up, meaning only one thing, the dreaded Dubai summer is well and truly here. However this year I refuse to be a prisoner in my own apartment ( the Dubai mall was a huge comfort in my hour of need). Last year I had a rather impatient wee bub (I don’t where he gets the trait from)  that decided he’d had enough of living in mammy’s tummy, he wanted to come out and experience the Dubai summer for himself!! He chose the most inconvenient of times to decide to break my waters, whilst I was in the pool!!!!! It has been cleaned since, just to make that clear!

It so easy to get sucked into the misery of summer and have a DOD (down on Dubai) day or month for that matter. So I’ve decided to write a list about things I like about living in Dubai (I’m really not sure how long it will be) Oh and before I offend anyone these are not in any particular order!!

  1. The Sunshine and I mean that literally not the humidity or heat, I have Irish skin for goodness sake!!
  2. I have a pool to swim in every night
  3. I get to say sentences like ‘ when it cools down we can go swimming & can you move your Lamborghini your blocking me in!
  4. LPV (and me) has buddies from Finland, Spain, Canada, Australia, America, Scotland, Sweden, Egypt, Poland not just Tommy from #10
  5. I appreciate my family more (if that makes sense)
  6. American Eagle & Potterybarn kids
  7. You can get EVERYTHING delivered!! hmmmm I feel  skinny latte coming on
  8. Aunty Lynn & Uncle Chris!
  9. Safety, I don’t ever worry when hubs is away or when I’m walking alone at night (I am actually pretty scary looking  by the end of the day anyway!)
  10. Hello Panda’s biscuits!! There are days when I hate them, these are usually the days that I have eaten my body weight in them, today is one of those days

So there you have it just some of the reasons I like Dubai, so when I’m moaning in a few weeks about living here you can tell me to shut up!!

I’m off to write more lists, what to pack for England, what to ask Gma to  stock up on, what I need to buy in UK (cos its way cheaper!!) this is the way I procrastinate when it actually comes to packing!!

Expat mammy


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