Hyvää syntymäpäivää Serafina

Yesterday was such a fun packed busy day, I was completely cream crackered last night, too tired to blog!!

It was a very special day as LPV and I went to Miss Serafina’s 1st birthday, that’s right we are in thick of birthday season, I tell you something they write in baby books how exhausting children’s parties are, who knew eh??

It was a fabulous day it started with LPV being most helpful by helping to wrap the present!! Wearing our best Hawaiian shirt we headed off to Peekaboo where Mammy Jo worked extremely hard on making it a fun day for all, we had yummy food, LPV tried his first chicken nugget!! and unfortunately he liked it! We sang nursery rhymes, unfortunately we were one of the last to pick an animal for old McDonald so we were stuck with Rabbit (its intimidating when your under such pressure!) but instead of singing with a hophop here and hophop there the lady with the guitar sang with a Rabbit Rabbit here and a Rabbit Rabbit there, making our choice sound like an old chase and Dave song!! (if you don’t know who Chase and Dave are, Google them). After rhymes we sang happy birthday and then cut the cake, Oh the cake, yummmmmmmmmm cakkkkkkkkkkeeeee, sorry went a bit Homer Simpson there!! It was safe to say it was delicious so now the pressure in on the Elmo cake completely!!

There were however a few tears, mammy Jo, made a very touching and moving speech before cake cutting, it’s with such a heavy heart that I write that they are leaving Dubai next month, at the moment I can’t bare to think about at all but it’s looming there and time goes so fast. Can’t believe LPV is loosing one of his buddies already and me loosing  such an amazing friend, it will be like loosing a body part, I guess that’s the life of an expat baby. We are however planning lots of trips to Finland to see our buddies. They can’t get rid of us that easily!!

The other tears were unfortunately from LPV, who is now traumatised from party blower things!! So I guess we can cross them off our list of party supplies, the trauma continued at home also as I was telling expatdaddy about it, rather than take my word for it he decided to blow the bl**dy thing again!!! SCREAM!! The trauma also continued into bathtime, which was my fault this time, LPV always plays with the shower hose, so In my wisdom I decided to turn it on and show him what it did!! BIG MISTAKE, think my son will prefer baths to showers in later life!!

So how was your day?

Expat mammy!!

Ps Cake update, I have brought some squirty Icing writing pens, whoo hoo!!


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