Who stole my coleslaw???

Today was one of those spontaneous days full of memories to keep for a lifetime, one of those days that you wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world!!

A quick coffee that turned into a photo shoot that turned into a lunch that turned into an afternoon of laughing babies and Mammies!!

The older the babies are getting  now the more they interact with each other and it’s awesome to watch, LPV has learning to fight off the double trouble duo of Miss S & B, he’s learnt to hide his toys, dummy and rice cakes from Miss Maggie he’s definitely learning skills to get him through life I’d say!! Fight em off and don’t give em anything!!!!

I could  sit here all night and give you a detailed account of what happened but I guess it was one of those days where you had to be there, so here is a brief synopsis of the day

  • Playboy poses
  • Dummy swapping (if LPV is going to share germs I’d rather it was with this lot)
  • The almost birthday girl stealing my coleslaw off my plate
  • Bare arse dancing (babies not Mammies)
  • White chocolate chips disguising themselves as Molars causing utter hysteria

Night Night, I hope your day was as fab as ours

Exapt Mammy


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