Mammy, I’ve had enough of it here

Today my wee boy woke up in a fairly chipper mood considering he was thrashing around a 2am this morning!! We had an early (for us anyway) start, we were going to Mini Monsters so I wanted him to sleep and be refreshed for some tough soft play!! He went back to sleep very easily, as did Mammy (accidentally) who woke with a startle with the indent of the sofa cushion all down one side of my face!!

Off we went to Mini Monsters with a skip in our step (actually it’s a limp in my hip, they haven’t been the same since pregnancy), as soon as we got there, on came the grump!! Poor wee lamb ( teething I think) we tried everything, ballpit (grump), playing catch (grump) even playing tunes with our bottoms on the big piano didn’t work (grump, grump, grump, grump). However it was at this point when decided he’d really wasn’t feeling the mini monsters, he was just lying there, watching the others play, everyday day he gets cuter and cuter and does the funniest things. However I felt awful for dragging him out (bad Mammy)

We cut our very short playdate short and went to Aunty M’s to bake cookies, after that we all crashed out and had a very relaxing afternoon, where LPV and showed Miss M how to read a map!! Well they boys are better at than girls!!!

Night all

Expat Mammy

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