Boooooo Bananas

It has been decided today that we have a strong dislike for Bananas, I didn’t even chop it into small pieces I gave LPV half to nibble on (while I was making his BANANA porridge, doomed from the start)

No!!! it was brought to his mouth, one lick, then shot me a look like I had just given a wasp to chew on!! Still I tried the porridge anyway, most of it went down quick enough, until I made the catastrophic mistake of mentioning it was BANANA (did he really know or coincidence?????). Game over, mouth clamped and  head turned to the side in disgust!! How dare I!!!!!!!

Ironically he ate banana from the “yellow one”  Ella’s kitchen pouch at lunch time,

 I guess he’s the only monkey that doesn’t like banana’s!!!!!!

I’ve started to give LPV more finger foods, yesterday he had a bit of a random dinner of cheese and tomato pizza (homemade of course), vegetable sticks, raspberries pancakes and fruit. He seems to be getting on well with it but I’m concerned that his fruit and veg intake with drop a lot when he is on normal to finger foods. I had blended a whole punnet of raspberries into the pancake mix but he ate about half and the rest were frozen.  I am trying myself to make extra special effort to eat more fruit and veg but I have to say I not the best role model for it as I love all things sweet!!! Still I stuck it up and do it, as it can’t be do as I say not as I do!!!

Expat  Mammy


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