A different view for LPV

So today we bit the bullet and turned LPV around, he was getting so tall for his maxicosy pebble  we could barely fit him in the car!!

3 of the most pain steakingly thought about decisions in my life were not, should I get that loan or should we buy this house, no they were relitively easy to make, it’s the one’s that are baby related

  1. What nappy bag should I buy?
  2. What highchair do we buy?
  3. What front facing car seat do we buy?

Having already spent a fortune on the familybase for the first car seat I thought this one would a no brainer, thats until we got to the shop, carseats carseats everythwhere!! Now if you can picture two of the worlds most indicicive people going shopping, then you have our afternoon. Finally after we had one p**sed off sales assistant (so much so he didn’t offer to carry it to the car, hahaha) and one p**sed off LPV (from being sat in and out of car seats when all he wanted to do was play with the car keys) we made the  all important decision, the one we went to get in the first place, maxicosy pearl!!

I do have to say, the this shop is amazing, so if your in the market for a carseat or any other baby stuff, try Goodbaby opposite Karama metro station, they are way cheaper than the big named stores here in Dubai (thanks for the tip Lisa H)

We have one happy bubba in the car, he can see everything whats going on and now I can see him in the rear view mirror without having to do yoga poses in the front seat!!

Expat Mammy


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