Today I am suffering from PSD (Post Strawberry Daiquiri) after a fabulous night out with expatdaddy!! Donning my new dress I had compliments all round!! The babysitter said I was looking Sexy (I’m happy to take a compliment from anybody these days!) She was paid very well last night!!

A good weekend from start to not yet finished, it started with

  •  LPV sleeping for 13hours (he’ s a good boy he decided to sleep in on the day I’m supposed to get up with him), we had a lovely family day that involved taking Daddy to mini Monsters, then a water playdate with his buddies S and Munch!!! Out on our balcony in the sunshine, parents supping beer while happy Bubba’s play!!
  • Mammy sleeps in til 10:30 (LPV decided to get up at 6:30 today, on Daddy’s day to get up)
  • Daddy has offered to do the food shopping (Hmmmm is he up to something?)
  • Daddy offering Mammy a few hours off cos and I quote “you don’t ever get a break” (definitely up to something) All jokes aside even if I don’t take the few hours off, just means a lot that he’s acknowledged i don’t get a break. B**ger that Tho, I’m taking a break!!
  • Daddy finally agrees to buy the super-duper camera I’ve been nagging about for the past 18months (I’m now sure I’ve woken up in some paranormal universe where my husband is just programmed to agree with everything I say, I like it here, think we’ll stay)

LPV although a little grumpus today (teeth I think) has been a  wee star, standing by himself whilst holding onto something yesterday, trying to crawl lots today, even if it is to pick up fluff & crumbs from the rug, mental note to self: Hoover the rug, or maybe I’ll ask expatdaddy to do it!! Mwahhahahahahahah (evil laugh). Tomorrow we’ll be refreshed for babysplash and the return of our buddies Miss B and Master N. We missed you guys

Expat mammy

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