So after a week of LPV waking up overnight and forgetting my crazy pills, it’s finally happened, as expected a relapse!!

However it hasn’t come in the form of me and LPV crying together went he won’t sleep, it did the surface in tears but while I was watching Kurt’s return to McKinley high in an episode of Glee!!  More specifically to the track Somewhere only we know by Keane!! Lame ass!!!!!!! (This is not the first time I have cried over TV show, neighbours was always a fav, SATC when Carrie New York, this was before PND too)

I however get an overwhelming urge to sign up for dance classes when I watch Glee, this however isn’t a good idea as I have no rhythm or coordination and dance like a rocking horse!!

I ache everywhere from mental exhaustion today and can’t face the outside world!! So LPV and I are going to have a lovely Mammy/ son day, we’re making yogurt pancakes for his supper and I may even have a wee slice of cake (or 10)

Expat Mammy


2 thoughts on “Blubber!!

  1. Kirstie says:

    Oh hun, its hard when you are having a bad day/week/year/whatever! LOL! I hate feeling down, and I always feel guilty because I am scared that KJ can feel it too. I had a really hard week this week too, I felt like nobody loved me, everyone was against me and I was calling my poor husband everyday and crying down the phone. We all have those times, but its important to remember to vent to someone, whether its through the blog, a friend or even hubby. Never be afraid to tell people how you feel, even if you think they will run screaming from the room! ;o)

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Weii I sure know how to empty a room, hahaha. Stills thanks for the comments It makes me feel good knowing people are reading. Especially if I’m not alone on the horrids days.x

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