Mother of the year!!!

And the award for mother of  the year goes too………………………………………………………..Someone else!!!

So this morning I feed my beautiful boy a lovely healthy breakfast, changed his nappy, give him his dummy and put him down for his morning nap. Today he didn’t settle, GREAT I think to myself going to be one of THOSE days. I go into the room to give him a pep talk on the benefits of sleeping only to find I hadn’t taken the cap off the dummy!!

If sleep is for the weak, then I admit it, I’M WEAK

Expat Mammy

One thought on “Mother of the year!!!

  1. Joanna Penttala says:

    ha ha ha!!!! I’ve been there, was wondering one evening how S could possibly be making so much noise with a dummy in her mouth, only to discover later that the dummy was actually in my back pocket…We’re just helping to build their characters!

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