Cake #1

Step aside Nigella, Betty, Rachael & Martha, there’s a new cake maker in town!!

Donning my best Mrs Donovan apron (brought for me by my fellow Jason Donovan fans) I set to work on destroying my kitchen!!

Cake #1 wasn’t a complete disaster and If I do say so myself, tastes like a party in my mouth!!

First layer did go a little wonky ( I hid it underneath and covered it with frosting!!) 2nd layer perfect circle of chocolate heaven!!

Who knew I was so talented,

If I carry on like this I’d say I’ll be asked to make the christening cake for Kate and Wills first-born!!

3 thoughts on “Cake #1

  1. Emma Byrne says:

    Nice apron there Mrs! Like sound of chocolate heaven!! You are truly a domestic goddess, save me a slice – I’ll be over in … ah no, miss you! xx

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