Good day/Bad day

If I’m honest I’ve struggled today, not with anything in particular just struggled. LPV has been and angel today and I found his waving every 5 minutes exceptionally cute!! It’s like he’s trying to say “Mammy I know I’m busy with this light up star thingy but I’m just letting you know I love you”.

The only way I can explain it  is It’s like someone pee’d in my Cheerios!! (best line ever from One tree hill) but that sums up my mood. I’ve had motivation for LPV but nothing else, even shopping in the sales at the Dubai mall was an effort!! The DXB mall actually didn’t help my mood when there was a message announced that there was a fire drill and could we please leave by the emergency exit!! If I could have found one I would have left!! People were still shopping away, in a sense it was quite amusing!! Do you know what I’m just going to list some of the things that have p**sed me off today, here goes!!

  1. Chasing LPV’s hat up the drive way of the address hotel, while a chauffeur driver just sat and laughed at me (twat!) However I think I would have laughed too If you can a imagine an elephant running in flip-flops then that was me, I’m not implying I’m as fat as an elephant, it’s just elegance is not my forte!
  2. Having to swim in zig zags to avoid a ginormous beetle that had decided to go for a dip the same time as me, almost having a heart attack when I thought it had gone down the front of my swim suit only to realise it was the underwire!!
  3. Chopping a butternut squash

Tonight I am going to bed early and I’m praying my human alarm clock doesn’t malfunction agin tonight at 1am

Expat Mammy.xx


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