Creative play


A few weeks ago the Mafia got together and did a water play session with the Bubba’s It simple cheap and if you have a garden mess free!!

“Water-play is more than just fun. If children play and experiment with water, their cognitive development, vocabulary and social skills will all benefit”

Read more at Suite101: Children and Water Play: Water Games for Babies and Children


It doesn’t just have to be about paints, Play dough is a great way for babies to enjoy messy play, if your worried about them eating shop bought stuff, you can make your own with ingreatients you find in your cupboards. Simply letting them explore their food is also a great way to play (i’d make sure they eat some first!!) Corn flour mixed with water and wee bit of food colour is awesome as it has both dry and wet textures with is great for their sensory development. You can even make your own paints too if your feeling creative, me I have trouble making cakes so I think I’ll stick to early learning centre paint!! Recipes for paint & play dough will follow shortly as LPV has just woken up!!

Homemade paint recipe

To make homemade finger paint you’ll need one and one-quarter cups of white flour, one cup of water, three tablespoons of glycerin, and food coloring of various colors. You’ll also need three small containers for storage.
Simply combine the white flour and water, and divide the mixture equally between three small mixing bowls. Stir a tablespoon of glycerin into each bowl, and add food coloring of your choice. 

Home made playdough

1 cup of flour
1 cup of warm water
1 TBS of salt
1 TBS of vegetable oil
1 TBS of cream of tartar
17 drops of yellow food coloring
dry glitter (op)

Add contents in a pot
Let heat on stove until play dough like
Take off heat, knead until smooth; let cool before giving it to your child


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