My little future artist!!

So today we had a swimming playdate which was tough going as we needed a good old snooze afterwards, well all the bubs did except master Hunt who managed to keep going til the bitter end, hats off to you.

After naps I felt motivated (and brave may I add) to do some painting with LPV and Miss Maggie may, out came the handy Manny splash mat (which was complete entertainment in itself) aprons went on and then………….. the crying started. After a few tears we warmed to the idea of painting but not by holding some stupid paint brush!!!!!!! we did by putting our hands, toes and other body parts into the paint!! When given the paint brush LPV wanted to put it in his mouth, mmmmmmm yellow paint! (non toxic paint phew!!) Not a complete disaster we (well mostly me) produced a master piece. Still I may wait a little while longer before painting again, now where did I put those crayons……………

Night all

Expat Mammy.xx


One thought on “My little future artist!!

  1. huntsonthemove says:

    Aww very cute! Sorry we missed out on the painting but master Hunt wouldn’t have lasted that long I don’t think! He did have a great time swimming and playing. A great piece of artwork LPV. That one must be saved. It could be worth a fortune one day!

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