Human alarm clock

Well it would appear that my Human alarm clock 2010 model has malfunctioned, it keeps going off at 1am!! However it’s switched from whah whah whah!!! Mode to BaBaBaBa mode which is very cute but it’s still a little early to start our day in the Vaughan household!!!

Oh well sleep is for the weak!!!!

Exapat Mammy.xx


2 thoughts on “Human alarm clock

  1. Kirstie says:

    Hahahah! I know that feeling well! KJ went through a stage of waking up every couple of hours, just so I could lay him back down and put the blanket on him. It drove me nuts! I have no idea why he wanted to do this but it lasted for a few weeks, and then it stopped all of a sudden. I am so glad it stopped. But the days of him sleeping in till 8am have now ended, he sleeps in until about 6.30, oh well we can’t have everything!

  2. Lisa Hunt says:

    Thankfully Matthew hasn’t started that game…..yet. However Jeremy still sometimes asks if we need to set an alarm on the weekends!! I think the look of disbelief on my face answers that question. I usually say “are you friking joking? Have completely forgotten about Matthew who doesn’t know what a weekend is yet?! He’ll have US up by 6:30am. Yes, dear US up not just me”. We can always loom back on these days in their teenage years when we can’t get them OUT of bed and laugh. I have to say though on the weekends we take turns getting up with him and the other gets a bit if a lie in 🙂

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