And so it begins

Firstly I have to do huge public apologies to all my friends and family who never received any birthday cards from me this year, I am Cr*p!!! I’m usually very good and things über organised via moonpig but for some reason  (wonder what that could be) I’m all over the place. For those who have birthdays coming up, I suggest that IF you get a card you keep it somewhere safe and put it up each year!!!

It seems to be the start of some very busy months on the old birthday front, LPV’s column on our calendar is filling up pretty quickly with party invites. Mine & Daddy’s is looking very poor indeed but at least I get to accompany LPV to all his social engagements!! We’ve already picked our pressies for Miss B & Miss S (and we’re not going to tell) and now all we have to do is find one for Master W. It’s also Daddy’s and big cousin Laurens birthday soon and we’re very excited to be spending those in Center Parcs Longleat!! Obviously we’ll be at home over that period so we’ve taken full advantage and throwing faux birthday party for LPV.

From my limited experience of childrens parties these days it would appear long gone are the days of pass the parcel and your little party bag with a box of smarties and a slice of cake. Ahhh the memories, musical statues, a couple of injuries from a very violent game of musical chairs. Here in Dubai someone is always available to take the hassle out of everything you do, from  washing your car to carrying your shopping, just out of curiosty I wondered how much it would to hire someone who deals in childrens parties. To my astonishment some companies are chanrging 10,000dhs. Great cash or cheque!! Have people gone nuts!!!!

As I’m a person that plans ahead,  naturally I’ve been planning LPV’s first birthday since the day he was born!! Want to know how far we’ve got????

I have bought a 9′ cake tin Wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo oh and not to forget the trusty old Betty Crocker frosting !!

 I have decided to make my sons first birthday and it will be a superb monstrosity that will resemble ELMO!!! Why so early I hear you ask?? Cos although I am a genius in the Kitchen with savoury thing my cakes resemble…………………burnt ugly things!! Many many practice cakes (with a little Wanjigi magic) need to be made!

Now my husband would argue that the only person in our house who loves Elmo is me, this is not true, well slightly but my argument is that this is the only cake I will get to make him as next year he’ll be demanding a Handy Manny cake that actually speaks Spanish, which in reality can only be made by the Cake Boss (I am the queen if reality TV). I am open to offers if any  Dubai cake maker is up for the challenge!!



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