A lovely day for a wedding

Firstly I want to get something off my chest, Kate Middleton is NOT a commoner!! Have you ever seen her shopping in Tesco in her pyjama’s?? No, therefore Not a commoner!!

Oh wow what a beautiful day, a wedding is always a fabulous occasion but to see such a high-profile couple so much in love was just beautiful. The normality of the occasion was refreshing, the groom & best man having a laugh at the altar,the groom telling his bride she looked beautiful when she arrived to meet him at the altar. The happy couple driving themselves to Clarence house in a decorated car, the priest doing cartwheels up the aisle of Westminster Abbey!! (a personal highlight for me). Kate was just beautiful, she clearly is the epitome of style, grace and elegance!!

Our celebrations started with boiled egg and soldiers (a very British breakfast) LPV having his Baby Royale Museli!! We then went for a pre wedding swim and a wee snooze!! Mafia Mammy J and baby S then joined for our first wedding on the 21st floor of the Executive towers!! Where the children destroyed J & M’s apartment!! What a lovely day, spent watching history in the making, with great friends and with LPV more interested in my charm bracelet than what was on the TV, not one single wave all day!!!

Hope whatever you did today you had a great time!! Happy Royal wedding day!!

Expat Mammy


2 thoughts on “A lovely day for a wedding

  1. Kirstie says:

    What a proud day for the Royal family. It breaks my heart that Lady Di wasn’t there to see her precious baby get married, and also bought to the forefront of my mind the fact that one day my own son may get married, but not till he is at least 40, LOL! I thought Kate looked amazing, so classy and beautiful, and I am so proud to be part of the Commonwealth. Kate is going to be a fabulous Princess for us all!

    • Expat Mammy says:

      I know I’m not letting Liam get married unless he marries Bayley, Maggie or Serafina!! I know they come from a good family, hehehehe

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