Growing too fast

With all the birthday’s lurking just around the corner it’s easy just to get caught up in the party planning, how on earth am I going to make an Elmo cake. However my bubba turning one yr old is raising more questions for me. Should I give him cows milk or use a toddler follow on milk? When is the best time (if there is any) to wean him off his Dummy/pacifier? Should I really be pushing him more to eat lumpier foods?

I’ve been reading about it on babycenter and other baby websites, it appears that everyone has a different opinions, lots of people seem to be taking what  Gina Ford says as gospel,that is their choice I just found reading books about routines turned me into a crazy woman, what works for some, doesn’t work for others and that’s true of all things in life, so why should parenting be any different? Up til now I haven’t followed any regiments and I’m not about too either. I guess the biggest worry for me is actually weaning LPV off his bottles, The NHS birth to five book mentions that your child should be off teats by the time they are one year but I’m really not sure yet, surely its better that they drink the milk even if it is from a bottle. I have to admit this occupying my mind a lot. I really don’t want to rush him but I also don’t want to delay his development or damage teeth. When I was pregnant I had 3 rules that I swore I would never do!!! Give LPV a pacifier, let him sleep in our bed, or let him watch TV. MY goodness how completely naive of me. Two weeks in I was reaching for the pacifier, he often sleeps in our bed especially if he’s ill and the TV? Thank you Playhouse Disney, I love you!!!!!!!!!!! Last night he was watching Timmy time (LPV’s a good boy he knows his roots, made by Ardman,Timmy is a good old Brissle born sheep!!) while I was making his bedtime bottle, clapping his little hands and laughing. If it gives you 5 minutes to yourself then I’m all for it, all in moderation of course!!!!

Just by writing this it’s helped me voice my worries and somehow I feel more at ease, We’ll do everything in our own time as we always done and pray that we’re doing a great job. If on his wedding day LPV is drinking champagne from Avent sippy cup then I’ll know I’ve failed but until then we’ll plod on

Have a great day

Expat Mammy

2 thoughts on “Growing too fast

  1. Kirstie says:

    LOL! This is your best post yet love!! I have exactly the same concerns! Kaleb is now 13 months old and still drinking from a bottle, but it makes him happy and he drinks his milk so I don’t care! Also, I have him on toddler milk, I probably won’t stop giving it to him until he is two, but that is my personal choice. As for TV, what a godsend! Kaleb loves Timmy too!! And the dummy issue?? I figured he wont be allowed to take it to kindy with him, he can have it when he gets home, same for school and also his 21st. PMSL!!

  2. lynn obrien says:

    dont worry to much trace you and liam are doing fine . Every now and then just give him some milk in his cup so that he gets used to it do this a few times a day befor long he will only want his bottle at night . all children develop in different ways . why dont you just put him on follow up milk for a few months and see how he gets on . theres no rush OH by the way you were about 18months when you were having a cup i think thats a good age .but as i said befor all children are different

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