No clowns aloud!!!

On a recent playdate to Peekaboo (which I’ll blog about at a later date), us Mammies thought it would be lovely to stop for a wee spot of lunch in TGI Friday’s, they offer a lunch deal of 2 courses for 35dhs, perfect.

After taking over have the restaurant with strollers/pushchairs, rearranging furniture for high chairs, we finally got settled to order our food.  Enter stage right our lovely waiter Joel, sporting a rather fancy curly wig in UAE colours. LPV takes one look at him and screams the place down, he cuddled into me but it’s like he’s addicted to looking at scary wig man. Poor Joel aka scary wig man then moves around the table so he doesn’t upset LPV, only to met with the same response from Miss B, he then moves again to score a perfect hat trick as Miss S begins to scream as well. Are meals came but there was no sign of Joel/scary wig man, we have scared him for life, poor thing

Some much for a lovely relaxing lunch, however I do feel that we actually brightened the place up. At this point we vowed that clowns are a complete no-no for the birthday parties that are coming. We ate quickly, well we had no choice but to eat quickly as they were practically taking our plates away while we were still eating. For some reason they wanted us out, can’t think why!!!


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