High 5

LPV turned 10 months on easter sunday, where has the time gone. Only seems like yesterday that impatient little man decided he’d enough and made his entrance 5 weeks early.

A few weeks back we learnt to clap but haven’t had much interest in it and just shot me a look like ‘woman you are crazy’ when I was sat resembling a seal clapping (it was minus the argh argh argh mind you) trying to encourage him to clap. However now he’s learnt to wave, well at the moment he just sticks his hand in the air like a high 5, then claps, which is then our que to all cheer and clap our hands too. He is just so awesome and with his hair growing fast and becoming a complete Pat sharp master piece daily, I look at him and 10 months on I still can’t believe my luck, he belongs to me, I have the best job in the world.

Expat mammy


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