Pop up and sleep tight

For our trip home at christmas we purchased the Samsonite Bubble pop up travel cot, I found it extremely useful at home as it seemed way more comfy than a regular travel cot and LPV slept very well in it. It was also way more easier to put him if he had fell asleep in our arms as it’s easier to access.

The toughest test its had to endure was a recent trip to Kenya. Good friends of ours took it with them when the went to stay with family. Travelling with a wee bub is always a worry and having the extra worry of mossie bites and malaria  can’t be fun.  Our friends came back and completely sung it’s praises, saying it stopped wee Miss M from getting any mosquito bites.

The cot does exactly what it says on the tin, you take it out of its bag and it POPS UP!! The matress is attached by velcro so it doesn’t move around the only draw back is that  the matress isn’t very thick. the cot zips up at the side to stop the child rolling out on to the floor.

At around 50 pounds it isn’t too expensive it’s all folds up into it own bag and weighs around 3kg so it’s the perfect travelling companion.

It’s available here in Dubai from babyandme (see picture below) and costs around 195dhs.

Expat Mammy


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