Happy Easter!!!

Well the time to gorge on chocolate is almost upon us, lent is nearly over. We have lovely easter weekend planned, especially lovely as we have Daddy home for 3  whole days. A good start to easter for LPV today, he has a happy Mamma who is a very proud owner of her first Maxi dress (that doesn’t make me look like cousin it from the Adam’s family) and we were in and out of Carrefour within 75minutes, for those of you who haven’t shopped at Carrefour this is a personal best, you end up loosing hours of your life in there. LPV had his first adventure in a trolley and I’m sure we’ll be asked never to return again or maybe we’ll be told to stop our child from screeching!! He loved it!! I;m thinking of  running trolley playdates as it keeps him so happy!! Wonder if the idea will take off???

Later we went to Little Miss L’s first birthday party, LPV enjoyed the ballpit and chocolate cake, thanks for having us AM & K. An easter bunny hunt at Hamleys was next on our to do list. What complete and utter chaos, as per usual people forgot to bring their human decency and manners, after deciding it wasn’t for us we made a sharp exit to baby shop. Where LPV unknowingly fleeced us again. We went to the mall for a chocolate bunny and left with a ball pit and some Tomy egg shape things. A busy busy day. We decided on getting LPV a wee pressie instead of chocolate as he’s just to young for mountains of eggs so after the trip to the mall Easter has turned into christmas. Daddy won’t let me give them to him til Sunday!! Booooooooooooooo!! The Part I enjoyed the most?? Snuggling up after bathtime with my wee Boo Boo and reading him the ‘real’ story of Easter. These occasions are all about being with family and making new traditions .

Lastly a BIG birthday shout out to Granny Quack Quack!! La Breithla shona duit!!!!! We love you so so much, there are no words.x

Expat Mammy.x


One thought on “Happy Easter!!!

  1. Lisa Hunt says:

    Love the idea of trolley playdates. Matthew now LOVES going in the trolley. Not to mention it makes life so much easier if I’m on my own not having to use a silly little shopping basket when he was in the buggy. Plus Carrefour only has the one handle baskets which for me is next to useless as I can’t hang it on my handles! Matthew kicks and giggles in the trolley. Although stay clear of the lovely ladies in the pharmacy area. They love to stop you to chat with babies and then shopping takes even longer!

    Hope to meet up in the shopping aisles one day!

    I must add Matthew is now banned from being in charge of the shopping clipboard. He promises every time not to eat it and well, he hasn’t lasted one trip yet! I figure he checks it out, doesn’t like what is on it so tries to destroy it and get some naughty stuff. Daddy has taught him well 😉

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