Handy High chair

Whilst we were at home last christmas I did lots of shopping and stocked up on things that were cheaper back in the UK, dummies, clothes, Onesies for sleeping in etc. We spent a lovely day in Bath we our buddies, we went for coffee and low and behold there were no high chairs for their wee girl to use. Next thing shortcake (my friend) pulls out this contraption and Miss M was able to sit comfortably and safely on a normal chair with the help of  The chair harness from the Gro Company!

You just attach the straps to the back of the chair, sit the baby/ toddler on the chair and attached the 2nd set of straps around the baby and fasten them  again at the back of the chair. Today was the first time I have actually used it and although I have made it sound so simple to use  it took me a wee while to actually figure how to work the flippin thing. However once you’ve got it, this contraption is awesome. LPV was so comfortable, it’s not often we struggle to get a high in Dubai but as we weren’t in a restaurant and we were at his buddies 1st birthday it was the perfect item. Not so sure if it was  a bargain at about 10 pounds but it certainly is helpful.

Check them out online just go to the links section, I am going to be approaching baby souk to find out if they stock them as I know they do stock a lot of Gro items.

Expat mammy.xx


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