Highlight of the week!!

Last night me and my sister went to the Westlife gig in Jebel ali, it was awesome gig, the location was perfect, small and even us short people could see the boys on stage. I must say they have all matured like a fine wine, very yummy! The boys were fantastic live and had a great stage presence, they weren’t as good as the cold play gig but it came a close 2nd and I do have to say they blew the Killers out of the water as for me that gig was a huge waste of money!! Thank you LPV for a lovely mothers day present.

We are so glad to have Daddy home, LPV was so pleased that he pee’d all over him!!! Tomorrow we are off to Abu Dhabi to see the F1 track, love having the family here.

Expat mammy.xx


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